Iraqi Dinar


Iraqi Dinar Revaluation: The revaluation of the Iraqi dinar is much awaited after it was last revaluated in 2003. The dinar rose by 25% then, and it is highly expected that the currency would sky rocket this time it would revaluate. A few years back President Barrack Obama attached the tag for the Iraqi dinar to the US dollar. This was a very intelligent step, several reasons which include the American interest in the oil reserves ofIraq. The next step is to hold the currency in dollars, when people from all over the world would want to Purchase iraqi dinar, they would convert their currency to dollars which would be beneficial for dollars. One very important reason is that theUSunder the debt of more than $ 15 trillion. This debt is expected to get done with once the Iraqi dinars value increases as it is attached to the US Dollar.


There are many people who have been waiting for the Iraqi dinar revaluation as they have invested in the currency and only for the revaluation. Money is blocked and lying idle. Before the attack onIraqby theUSin the eighties, the dinar was worth 3 dollars and at present $1 is equal to 1166 Iraqi dinars. The biggest surprise is that theUSgovernment itself has invested the biggest amount ever in the Dinar and is looking forward for its good times to earn the much awaited profit while want to sell Iraqi dinar.


There have been several rumors about the amount of Iraqi dinar traded against the US dollar. It is important that the people who have invested in the dinar need to know how the dinar is worth more than a thousand dinars against the dollar. It is said that if the UN allows the price of the dinar to equalize the US dollar, theUSgovernment would make trillions of dollars as it invested inIraqwhen the currency was very low in price.


Iraqi Dinar Investment

If all these things happen the way they are predicted then the statement of President Bush would be true when he said, “This is a war that will pay for itself.”


Although the dinar has a very low value, but the good thing about it is that it is expected to drop, but it did not during the recent past. There were times when the value of every currency went down for once, or the other reason including the dollar but the Iraqi dinar remained stable. The Iraqi dinar revaluation has been a big hype for several people especially all those who have invested in it. They are looking forward for the dinar to go up so that they earn high profits.

Iraqi dinar has been called a scam, but because it has a lot of investment in the form of dollars in it, there are very less chances that theUSwould let all its currency turn into a loss. This currency is what was predicted as the biggest profit for US to pay off all its debts and earn in the trillions. is best source to compare the values of Dinar vs dollar. Visit to find out more or Call at 1.800.778.0103 for immediate consultation.